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Walt Disney World Increases Ticket Prices for 2025

14 Mar 2024 0 Comments

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Walt Disney World has officially announced ticket sales for the year 2025, with an observed increase in ticket prices across various categories compared to those of 2024.

Notably, the price for some of the single-day, single-park admissions has seen a rise of $10 for the year 2025.

Taking an example, tickets for weekday visits in late August to Disney’s Animal Kingdom have escalated from $109 in 2024 to $119 in 2025.

Similar upward adjustments are noted for single-day admissions to different parks and for various time periods throughout the year.

A specific instance is the price for a Saturday visit in late April to Animal Kingdom, which has climbed from $164 in 2024 to $169 in 2025 due to higher demand.

The price for a single-day visit to Magic Kingdom on the same late-April weekend has also increased by $5, moving from $184 to $189.

As of February 27, the peak price for a single-day, single-park ticket for 2025 has been set at $189, which aligns with the maximum price of 2024. Ticket prices for the months of November and December 2025 have not been disclosed as of this date.

Additionally, the Park Hopper option, allowing guests to visit multiple parks in a single day, has seen a price increase ranging between $5 to $10 for numerous dates in 2025.

Recent years have seen several price hikes at Disney parks, with Walt Disney World enacting two increases in 2022 alone. Disneyland has also witnessed multiple price adjustments recently.

The approach to the latest price increment at Walt Disney World represents a novel strategy, as noted by Don Munsil of MouseSavers.com. Unlike previous occasions where prices were raised simultaneously, the new strategy involves gradual price increases as new dates are added to the calendar.

"This new strategy is interesting because it maintains the 2024 prices unchanged while rolling out new prices," Munsil explained. He also mentioned that multiday tickets have seen an increase of $5 to $10 per day for 2025.

Although there's a possibility of a price adjustment for 2024 tickets, Munsil highlighted that this method provides a more stable pricing structure for specific dates.

In a positive turn for visitors, Walt Disney World has introduced a water park benefit for 2025. Guests booking a stay at a Disney Resort hotel will enjoy complimentary admission to either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach on their check-in day.

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