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What's going on with Boeing planes? Boeing Safety Concerns: Impact on Travel Decisions

12 Mar 2024 0 Comments
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Boeing's challenges in 2024 took a dramatic turn for the worse when a 787 Dreamliner experienced a mid-flight incident on Monday, leading to injuries among dozens of passengers. The aircraft, on a LATAM flight from Australia to New Zealand, encountered sudden turbulence, with the pilot reporting a temporary loss of control. Although the pilot managed to safely land the plane, the cause of the unexpected descent remains unclear, with LATAM describing the occurrence as a "technical event." Boeing is actively seeking more details on the incident, which adds to a series of unfortunate events for the company.

Incident Description
Alaska Airlines 737 Max Incident Part blew off after takeoff due to improper bolt installation, leading to a temporary grounding, investigations, and a stock value drop.
United Airlines 737 Max Flight Control Jam Pilots experienced jammed controls during landing; under investigation.
De-icing Equipment Safety Concerns FAA flagged potential risks with 737 Max and 787 Dreamliner de-icing equipment but did not deem it an immediate safety risk.
Missing Assembly Records Boeing unable to provide assembly line records for a door plug replacement on an Alaska Airlines jet.
FAA Manufacturing Critique FAA identified significant issues in Boeing's manufacturing and tool management practices.
LATAM 787 Dreamliner Plunge A dramatic mid-flight drop injured passengers; cause under investigation as a “technical event.”

The year started unfavorably for Boeing when an incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 Max occurred shortly after takeoff, resulting in part of the aircraft detaching. A preliminary investigation suggested a failure in installing crucial bolts on a door plug, leading to a temporary grounding of certain 737 Max jets. This was followed by congressional inquiries, production setbacks, numerous federal investigations, including a criminal one, and a significant decline in Boeing's stock value, erasing over $40 billion from its market worth.

The series of mishaps extended with reports in February of flight control issues on a United Airlines 737 Max and concerns over de-icing equipment on both 737 Max and 787 Dreamliner models, identified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA has allowed the aircraft to continue operations, stating the issues do not pose immediate safety risks.

Adding to Boeing's woes, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) revealed last week that Boeing has yet to provide documentation for assembly line steps on the Alaska Airlines jet, with Boeing admitting the records are non-existent. The FAA has highlighted broader safety and quality issues within Boeing's manufacturing processes, beyond mere documentation problems, emphasizing the importance of tool management and workflow order in the factory setting.

United Airlines flight loses tire during takeoff at San Francisco then  lands safely in Los Angeles | CNN

In response to the FAA's findings, Boeing has committed to implementing immediate improvements and developing a comprehensive action plan to enhance safety, quality, and regain customer and passenger trust. The company is focused on taking significant steps towards rectification, promising transparency throughout the process.

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