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Euro 2024 Travel Guide: Tips for Exploring Germany

06 Jun 2024 0 Comments
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Germany hosts Euro 2024, inviting fans from around the world to cheer. Soccer followers know the country has a great history with the Euro Cup. This year's event is one not to be missed.

The event will end with a bang in Berlin, closing a month full of football fun. Make sure to get your tickets and plan your trip early. Don't miss the chance to see beautiful places like the Berlin TV Tower and Cologne Cathedral.

It's smart to book where you'll stay ahead of time and learn a bit of German. Getting around using Germany's transport is easy, despite possible higher costs. Camping could be a good option for those watching their budget.

This guide is for soccer fans aiming for the best Euro 2024 adventure. It offers a peek into German life and traveling tips.

Key Takeaways

  • Euro 2024 will be held across 10 German cities from June 14 to July 14.
  • Book accommodations and official match tickets early to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Learning basic German phrases such as Guten Tag and Danke can enhance your interactions with locals.
  • Germany's public transportation system is efficient but may see increased fees during the tournament.
  • Consider camping as a cost-effective alternative to hostels and hotels during Euro 2024.

Introduction to Euro 2024 in Germany

Germany is getting ready to host UEFA EURO 2024. The UEFA Executive Committee picked it on September 27, 2018. It will take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024. This event mixes top football with cultural experiences for a splendid kickoff on June 14.

The set-up is like the UEFA EURO 2020. The best two teams from each of six groups will go to the round of 16. Four third-placed teams will join them. The tournament ends in Berlin at the Olympiastadion on July 14, 2024. It's known for its mix of old and new, making the final game exciting for fans.

If you're visiting Germany for Euro 2024, this Euro 2024 guide is a must-have. Germany's ten host cities, like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Düsseldorf, offer special attractions. These cities have big stadiums, such as Berlin's Olympiastadion with 71,000 seats and the cozy Leipzig Stadium with 40,000 seats.

Preparation is key, and over 146,000 volunteers applied from 124 countries to help. 16,000 were chosen. They will make sure the tournament is a success.

The official Euro 2024 song FIRE, by Meduza, OneRepublic, and Leony, is out. You can listen to it online. The UEFA eEURO 2024 online qualifiers have begun, getting everyone excited for summer.

City Stadium Capacity
Berlin Olympiastadion Berlin 71,000
Cologne Cologne Stadium 43,000
Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Arena 47,000
Dortmund BVB Stadion 62,000
Frankfurt Frankfurt Arena 47,000
Gelsenkirchen Arena AufSchalke 50,000
Hamburg Volksparkstadion 49,000
Leipzig Leipzig Stadium 40,000
Munich Munich Football Arena 66,000
Stuttgart Stuttgart Arena 51,000

Going to Germany during Euro 2024 will be amazing. This championship travel guide has all you need for a great trip. Enjoy from the Euro 2024 kickoff until the end of the games.

How to Secure Your Euro 2024

Going to Euro 2024 in Germany will be amazing. But, you must get your tickets to have fun. Let's learn how to buy Euro 2024 tickets the right way.

Official Sources for Tickets

The UEFA official ticket site is your best bet for Euro 2024 tickets. You’ll need the UEFA Mobile Ticket App to download your digital tickets. This will make getting into the games easy.

The event runs from June 14 to July 14, 2024. There will be 51 matches in ten German cities. Watching out for ticket release dates is very important.

Timing Your Purchase

Getting tickets early is very important due to their high demand. UEFA sells tickets in different phases, often starting in March or April. It's best to try and buy in these early stages.

Don’t forget to get travel insurance. It will help if things don't go as planned during your trip.

Alternative Ticket Options

Missed the first sale? UEFA's official resale portal offers a second chance. You can both buy and sell tickets there safely. Also, don’t forget about the Euro 2024 fan zones. They’ll have great celebrations for the games.

With the Euro 2024 tournament spanning multiple cities such as Berlin, Munich, and Stuttgart, transportation will be busy, and discounted train tickets or a 36-hour travel pass for public transit can ease your commute.

Here's a summary of what to expect at Euro 2024:

Aspect Details
Travel Dates June 14 to July 14, 2024
Ticketing Digital tickets via UEFA Mobile Ticket App
Stadium Entry Varying restrictions, small power banks allowed
Transport Discounted train tickets for ticket holders, 36-Hour Travel Pass
Alcohol Local consumption laws, intoxication-based entry restrictions
Fan Zones EURO 2024 Festivals with varying item restrictions

Follow these tips to make your Euro 2024 experience great. Know how to get tickets, use the official and alternative ways, and join the fan zones. Get ready, move fast, and enjoy European football!

Choosing Where to Stay in Germany

For your Euro 2024 trip, picking the best city to stay in is crucial. Germany has many options to fit different tastes and budgets. This ensures everyone can find the perfect spot near the action.

Best Cities for Accommodation

Places like Berlin, Cologne, and Dortmund stand out for Euro 2024 stays. Berlin is lively and has hotels for everyone, from simple to grand. Cologne’s history adds a special touch to any visit. Dortmund is perfect for football fans, with its energy and easy travel options.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you're watching your wallet, consider hostels or camping. The Belgian Quarter in Cologne is great for those who love art and culture. There are also many affordable options on Hostelworld. A&O Hostels are known for being comfy and flexible with their cancellation rules.

Luxury Hotels and Unique Stays

Choose Germany’s luxury hotels if you're looking to treat yourself. The area around the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne is especially nice. For something distinct, check out boutique hotels or fancy Airbnbs in charming areas. offers great deals on these special places, adding a touch of luxury to your trip.

City Accommodation Type Average Price per Night
Berlin Luxury Hotel €200 - €400
Cologne Budget Hostel €20 - €50
Dortmund Camping €10 - €25

Getting Around Germany During Euro 2024

Germany has a wide range of transport modes. This makes traveling during Euro 2024 easy. Whether you use public transit or rent a car, it's a smooth experience.

Public Transportation Options

Public transit in Germany is known for being on time and covering many areas. Munich, for example, offers a 36 Hour Travel Pass. It lets you go beyond the city easily. Also, traveling to places like the central station to the Fan Zone or the airport wouldn't take long. Moreover, there are high-speed trains connecting cities to places like Paris and Vienna, running on green energy.

Car Rentals and Shared Rides

Car rentals give you freedom in Germany. You'll find many rental agencies at Munich Airport. This airport is well-connected and serves over 140 European cities. Yet, remember, parking might be more expensive during the games.

Shared rides are also a good option for Euro 2024. Especially for small groups or those who don't want to drive. Munich has plenty of taxis and e-scooter rentals for short trips.

Traveling Between Host Cities

Moving between host cities couldn't be easier with Germany's train system. Deutsche Bahn's trains link major cities, making it simple for fans to travel. Dortmund also has a great transit system, including trains and buses. For game ticket holders, a 36-hour pass lets you travel without extra cost in this area. If you’re flying, you can get from Dortmund Airport to the central station quickly.

For more travel info between Munich and Dortmund, check the table below:

Travel Option Munich Dortmund
Public Transit 36 Hour Travel Pass for MVV Network 36 Hour Travel Pass for VRR and VRS Networks
Car Rentals Available at Munich International Airport Park + Ride locations, some free with VRR ticket
Bikes 4,200 rental bikes from Bike + Ride Nearly 90 rental stations
E-Scooters Various services, banned around stadium and Fan Zone 3,200 e-scooters, parking facilities at Eissporthalle

Top German Cities to Explore

Germany has many beautiful cities. Each one is filled with unique cultures, history, and a lively vibe. So, whether you like soccer or want to dive into German culture, visit these places. They're perfect for your trip.


Berlin is the heart of Germany with countless things to do. Visit the historic Brandenburg Gate or the huge Olympiastadion Berlin. The city is known for its nightlife too, with over 4,500 bars and clubs. The Euro 2024 fan zone at the Reichstag will add even more fun to the city.


Cologne is famous for its history and stunning buildings. Don’t miss the Cologne Cathedral or the 12 old churches. The city is also known for its beer and food. You’ll get a real feel for Cologne’s lively culture here.


Munich mixes old traditions with new trends. The Allianz Arena and its 300,000 LED lights are a highlight. The city has lots of museums, historical places, and great food. It truly represents both Bavarian culture and a modern lifestyle.


Hamburg is a mix of a seaside feel and a lively city. The Volksparkstadion Hamburg welcomes sports fans with its 57,000 seats. The city offers beautiful canals, great party scenes, and cool bars. You'll find both relaxation and fun here.


Frankfurt blends history with a modern vibe. The Deutsche Bank Park is a top spot with 51,500 people capacity. You can explore the old town or enjoy the city's financial district skyline. There are also many food places to complete your visit.

City Main Stadium Capacity Year Built
Berlin Olympiastadion Berlin 74,475 1936
Cologne RheinEnergieSTADION 50,000 2004
Munich Allianz Arena 75,000 2005
Hamburg Volksparkstadion Hamburg 57,000 2000
Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Park 51,500 2005

Must-Visit Attractions in Germany

Germany has a lot to offer, from its rich history to stunning natural beauty. Visitors can see iconic landmarks, famous museums, and beautiful nature. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Historic Landmarks

Germany's historic sites are amazing. They tell stories from the past. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is a symbol of the country coming together. The Berlin Wall's remains show the hard times it went through.

In Cologne, the huge Cologne Cathedral shows off Gothic architecture. It costs about INR 240 to visit. Neuschwanstein Castle is like something from a fairy tale. Over 1.5 million people visit it every year.

Museums and Cultural Sites

German museums are full of knowledge and culture. Berlin’s Museum Island is a great place to see these, with a cost of INR 1,400. The Pergamon Museum there is spectacular and charges 12 EUR for entry. Frankfurt’s MMK Museum is perfect for modern art lovers worldwide.

The Romano-Germanic Museum in Cologne and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin offer insights into history. In Hamburg, the zoo and aquarium combo ticket is 40 EUR, perfect for families.

Natural Wonders

Germany's natural beauty is breathtaking. The Zugspitze Massif has stunning views, with an entry fee of about INR 4,600. A boat ride on Bavaria’s Kings Lake costs about INR 1,000 and is very peaceful.

Insel Mainau, the Flower Island, enchants with its flowers. Entry costs about INR 650. Berchtesgaden National Park is free and wonderful to explore.

For those in Munich, Marienplatz is always open and free. The Frauenkirche appreciates donations.

Germany's economy helps keep these attractions great. Visitors from all over love the historic places, museums, and nature in Germany. Its beauty and culture invite everyone to explore its wonders.

Local Cuisine and Dining Tips

Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Visitors are encouraged to try the unique flavors found throughout the country. These range from traditional sausages to new, mixed dishes.

Traditional German Dishes

German food is a must-experience part of the culture. Enjoy Bavarian Weisswurst with pretzels and mustard. Or try sauerbraten, a pot roast served with sides like red cabbage and dumplings. Don't miss Apfelwein while in Frankfurt, an apple wine with a long history.

Popular Restaurants and Cafés

Germany is filled with top-notch dining spots. In Berlin, Restaurant Tim Raue shines with creative dishes and two Michelin stars. Munich’s Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant puts a modern spin on Bavarian favorites. And Hamburg's Vlet an der Alster offers a modern dining atmosphere with a scenic view.

Food Markets and Street Food

Trying street food in Germany is a great idea. Stop by Munich's Viktualienmarkt for a variety of local and exotic foods. Or visit Berlin's Markthalle Neun for vegan and traditional German foods, including currywurst. Stuttgart is also known for its markets full of fresh produce and homemade dishes.

City Market Specialties
Munich Viktualienmarkt Local cheeses, pretzels, sausages
Berlin Markthalle Neun Vegan dishes, currywurst
Stuttgart Weekly Markets Fresh produce, homemade delicacies

When eating out in Germany, remember how tipping works. The service charge is often included in prices. Pay with paper money and leave a 5 to 10 percent tip for good service.

Exploring German food, from traditional to modern, will add joy to your Euro 2024 trip. Dive into the lively food scene and enjoy your Germany food adventure.

Understanding German Culture and Etiquette

Traveling to Germany for Euro 2024 is exciting. It blends football with rich German culture. Knowing some German phrases and local customs can make your trip even better.

Basic German Phrases

Learn a few German words to connect with locals. Saying Hallo and Grüß Gott in Bavaria greet people warmly. Always use Bitte and Danke for politeness. Speaking a bit of German shows you care about making friends.

Cultural Norms and Behavior

Knowing German customs is key to a great visit. Be on time – being late is not polite. Arriving five minutes early is best.

When eating out, tipping 5% to 15% is expected. It's good to carry cash since some places don't take cards. You might share a table in busy restaurants. Clipping glasses and keeping eye contact when you 'cheers' are also traditions.

Tips for Interacting with Locals

Understanding German ways makes your trip more enjoyable. Shake hands when you meet and before you leave. Germans like direct talk, so be clear when you speak to them.

Try joining in with customs like being 'textile-free' in saunas or parks. Being open and warm with people will make your stay unforgettable. It helps you form real friendships.


What is the best way to buy Euro 2024 tickets?

The best way to get Euro 2024 tickets is through UEFA’s official channels. They release tickets in phases, often in March and April. Watch for the exact date of ticket sales.

Are there alternative options if I miss out on official Euro 2024 tickets?

If you miss getting tickets from UEFA, try their official resale portal. Also, consider watching the games at the exciting Fan Zones. They're all over Germany and offer a fun place for fans to cheer together.

What are the best cities to stay in during Euro 2024?

Ideal cities to find a place to stay are Berlin, Cologne, and Munich. They have many lodging options for all budgets. Places near the tournament’s venues, like Kleinmachnow and Teltow, are also good selections.

Are there budget-friendly accommodation options available?

Yes, there are affordable places to stay for budget travelers. You can check out hostels, campsites, and lower-priced hotels. Make sure to book early, especially in big cities such as Berlin, Cologne, and Munich.

What luxury accommodation options are available for Euro 2024?

If you like luxury, there are plenty of high-end hotels. Some have special packages for Euro 2024 that even include rides to the stadium. These options do come with a higher price tag.

How can I get around Germany during Euro 2024?

Navigating Germany during Euro 2024 is easy with its great public transport. You can choose from trains, buses, and ferries. There’s also the option to rent a car or share a ride. Make sure to have some knowledge about the local currency and e-wallet use for smooth payments.

Which German cities are must-visit during Euro 2024?

You shouldn't miss out on Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. Each city has its unique sights, old and new, worth exploring during the tournament.

What historic landmarks should I visit in Germany?

Don’t miss icons like the Brandenburg Gate and what's left of the Berlin Wall in Berlin. There's also the stunning Cologne Cathedral, along with UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lübeck. Each spot is rich in history and well worth a visit.

What are some must-try traditional German dishes?

Traditional food in Germany is a must-experience. In Bavaria, try the Weisswurst and pretzels. In Frankfurt, enjoy the local favorite, Apfelwein (apple wine). German cuisine has a lot to offer for everyone’s tastes.

What cultural norms should I be aware of in Germany?

Knowing a few key cultural norms can really help. Punctuality is highly valued, as is direct communication. Learning a bit of German can go a long way in making a positive impression on the locals.

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