An eSIM utilizes an embedded chip and built-in software on your device to perform the same functions as a traditional SIM card: connecting to a network, enabling calls, and providing mobile data. To activate an eSIM, simply purchase a data plan online and load it onto your device. Skip the inconvenience of swapping physical SIM cards—eSIMs are remotely programmed, offering a streamlined setup process.

How to set up an eSIM

Purchase a Plan

Choose an eSIM-compatible data plan from your carrier or an online provider. You'll receive a QR code or download instructions.

Set Up Your eSIM via QR Code

Go to your device's settings and find the "Add eSIM" option. Scan the QR code or follow the provided download link to install the eSIM profile.

Activate your eSIM, GO!

Select the new profile in your device settings and activate it. Your eSIM is now ready for calls, texts, and data.

eSIM vs Physical SIM, What is the difference?

Physical SIM

Location : A removable plastic card
Operator profiles : 1
Delivery : Store or Delivered via post.
Activation : By inserting the SIM card into the device's SIM slot.
Switch carriers : Require swapping plastic SIM cards.
Travel-friendly :


Location : A chip soldered on device's motherboards.
Operator profiles : 1-20
Delivery : Instant Delivery
Activation : By downloading an activating the eSIM profile online.
Switch carriers : Only a few taps to switch
Travel-friendly :

Popular Destinations

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I want to know about eSIM

An eSIM, short for "embedded SIM," is not a physical card but a digital SIM that can be downloaded directly to a smartphone or tablet. This innovative technology offers a convenient way to access local data services without incurring roaming fees, revolutionizing how we stay connected while traveling.

Traditionally, mobile users relied on physical SIM cards, which come in various sizes, such as Nano SIMs, to connect to different networks, especially when traveling abroad. The process involved physically swapping out SIM cards, which could be both nerve-wracking and cumbersome.


Using an eSIM for data on vacation? Great! You're going to love staying connected without roaming charges.

Since you'll need a solid Wi-Fi (or data) connection to complete the eSIM installation process, we recommend installing your eSIM on your device 1-2 days prior to leaving on your trip. Then you can make sure it gets installed properly, without any connection glitches.


Only unlocked phones are compatible with eSIMs. You should make sure that your phone is unlocked before buying an eSIM from the Roamight store.


Our eSIM plans do not include a local phone number, but don't worry!

After activating a Roamight eSIM, you can continue using your phone number to send and receive calls and text messages (SMS). Your new eSIM plan will be used for data only, saving you expensive roaming fees.


VoIP Calling and Texting

You can make and receive calls using your regular phone number if your carrier supports Wi-Fi Calling. If this feature is enabled on your device, your phone will connect to your home carrier's network over the internet using the eSIM data connection. (VoIP).


If you have a Primary SIM, roaming on that should be "OFF" while you're using Roamight eSIM.


Yes! After activating a Roamight Mobile eSIM, you can continue using your phone number to send and receive calls and text messages (SMS).

Your new eSIM plan will be used for data only, saving you expensive roaming fees.